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On Demand: Unveiling HeartX Innovation: Cutting-Edge Solutions From the 2023 Cohort Companies - Spotlight on Nanowear
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This is an exclusive webinar series featuring three dynamic startups chosen for the 2023 HeartX Cohort. HeartX is the only cardiology-specific accelerator that identifies new and exciting industry-specific technology companies offering innovative solutions in healthcare. During each session, one cohort company will present a 15-minute overview of their innovative solution followed by a 15-minute Q&A period, during which attendees can present questions to the cohort company and delve deeper into their solution.

This webinar will feature Nanowear: Nanowear is an AI-based remote diagnostics tool utilizing proprietary patented cloth-based nanotechnology. The nanosensors capture over 85 medical-grade biomarkers directly from the skin, enabling a closed-loop digital system for specific machine-learning algorithms built on terabytes of unique human data.
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